List virtual machines to administer in infrastructure

Retrieve virtual machines in infrastructure that are accessible to the user based on the enterprises and datacenters they can access.



Parameter Type Default Value Description
dc String Filter by datacenter name
rack String Filter by rack name
machine String Filter by hypervisor host
vmname String Filter by virtual machine name
vmlabel String Filter by virtual machine label
fqdn String Filter by FQDN
pcr String Filter by public cloud region name
enterprise String Filter by enterprise name
scalinggroupmaster Boolean If true, only return VMs with the master role in a scaling group
providerid String If present, filter by provider id. Accepts single value and CSV
startwith Integer 0 The first element to be retrieved of the filtered search
by String id Order by
has String If present filter to apply in the search.
limit Integer 25 The number of entities to retrieve
asc Boolean true If the value of the 'by' parameter must be sorted in ascending order (true) or descending order (false)

Accept : virtualmachines