Name Type Description
name String The name of the alarm
description String The description of the alarm
timeRangeMinutes int Last minutes of metric data to use for aggregation
datapointsLimit Integer Maximum number of most recent datapoints to pick from the specified time range
statistic String Statistic aggregator to use for the selected datapoints.

Available aggregators:

  • average
  • maximum
  • minimum
  • sum
  • count
  • dev
threshold Double Value with which to compare the datapoints once aggregated
active boolean If true, the alarm has been activated (triggered) because the metric statistic has passed the threshold value or the formula is true. This attribute will be true until the alarm condition test fails and the alarm is deactivated
formula String Formula for decide if alarm must be activated:

Available formulas:

  • notequal
  • greaterthan
  • greaterthanorequalto
  • lessthan
  • lessthanorequalto
  • trendup
  • trenddown
stateUpdateTimestamp Date Timestamp of the date and time when the state of the alarm was last changed, measured in milliseconds, between the current time and midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC
metricName String The name of the metric which the alarm belongs to
entityName String The name of the entity which the metric and alarm belong to
entityType String The entity type which metric and alarm belongs to
dimensions Collection of String Set The dimensions of the metric to consider in alarm state evaluation

Used in Entity