For hypervisor datastores that offer different service levels, you can use datastore tiers to present them in Abiquo and price them appropriately. Administrators or users can choose the tier with the desired service level for VM hard disks. They can set also default datastore tiers for a VM template, virtual datacenter, or VM. And they can select a tier when creating VMs or adding hard disks on the hypervisor datastore.

Name Type Description
storageAllocationPolicy StorageAllocationPolicy Storage allocation policy to use for this tier, either progressive or performance.
description String Description of the datastore tier
enabled boolean If true, the tier is enabled for use
name String Name of the datastore tier. Use the same name in different locations for accounting/billing of the same tier across different locations
defaultAllowed boolean If true, the tier will be allowed by default for new enterprises
defaultForDatacenter boolean If true, the tier is the default for the datacenter. Note that there is an order of priority for default values. See user documentation of Datastore tiers

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