The Disk entity represents a disk of a VM template.

Name Type Description
label String Friendly name
sequence int Boot order
diskControllerType DiskControllerType Type of disk controller (IDE or SCSI) and on KVM (IDE, SCSI, or VIRTIO). NOTE not all the hypervisor plugins will use this attribute
diskController String Controller implementation to use for the disk. The default is lsilogic. Optional. NOTE not all the hypervisor plugins will use this attribute
diskFileSize Long The disk file size in bytes of the VM template disk file. 0 for empty disk
diskFormatType String Disk format type of the VM template. See DiskFormatType Media Type
hdRequired Long Capacity of the disk, which is the required hard disk space for the deployed disk, in bytes
path String Path of the VM template disk file, relative to the datacenter repository. Null for empty disks
state VMTemplateState Current state of the VM template (based on the tasks)
creationDate Date The date when the disk was created
bootable boolean Specify if the disk is suitable to boot from (meaning that it's possible to define it in a VM with sequence 0 - (disk0 link))
allocation String Desired format of the disk in the destination datastore @see {@link DiskAllocationType}
datastoreTierRequired boolean Specify if the datastoretier is required for the disk when VM is created

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