Name Type Description
available boolean If true, the IP is available to be used by a customer. Can be set in Infrastructure
Admin do not want to offer this IP to be purchased by users
id Integer Identifier of the entity
ip String String that represents the IP address
mac String MAC address associated with the IP address
name String Lease name of the entity. It will be used by the DHCP server to identify the IP-MAC static rule
networkName String Name of the network that the IP belongs to
ipv6 boolean If true, the network is IPv6; If false, it is IPv4
usedBy String ProviderId of the entity using this IP. The entity can be managed by the platform
reason String Reason why the IP is reserved
quarantine boolean If true, the IP is in quarantine.
Set when a user has made inappropriate use of the IP and we want to mark it as quarantine for some time because we want to ensure that no other user will have problems from using the same IP.

Used in Entity