Summarized version of the OVF Envelope format.
They are available sources of templates that can be installed into a datacenter repository

Name Type Description
description String Description of the template definition
ethernetDriverType EthernetDriverType Default kind of network driver to use
iconUrl String The URI of the icon of the template definition
id Integer Identifier of the template definition
loginPassword String Default login password
loginUser String Default login user
name String Name of the template definition
osType OSType Type of operating system used
osVersion String Version of the operating system used with the osType
productName String Additional info about the installed software used by the Apps library
productUrl String Link to additional info about the installed software
productVendor String Additional info about the installed software
productVersion String Additional version info about the installed software
url String URL of the source .ovf envelope document
templateDefinitionDisks Collection of templatedefinitiondisk The template disks

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