Name Type Description
cpu Integer Number of CPUs in the VM
coresPerSocket Integer Optional ratio to distribute cores in sockets (sockets = cpu / coresPerSocket). This value MUST be a divisor of cpu.
description String Optional description of the VM
highDisponibility int Deprecated
id Integer ID of the VM
idState int Deprecated, use state
idType int Deprecated, use type
type VirtualMachineType Type of VM in terms of whether it is managed by the platform or not. Type can be: MANAGED, NOT_MANAGED, or CAPTURED.
keymap String Keymap for the keyboard to be set on the VM
name String Name of the VM. By default, the name is ABQ-uuid
password String Remote acess password for opening a connection to a VM console
ram Integer Amount of memory in the VM in megabytes
runlist runlistelements
state VirtualMachineState Current VM state
uuid String UUID of the VM
vdrpIP String Virtual remote desktop IP
vdrpPort Integer Virtual remote desktop port
label String Friendly name of the VM. Displayed as the "Name" field in the user interface.
vdrpEnabled Boolean If true, the VM should accept remote access connections
lastSynchronize Long User cannot reconfigure a VM until lastSynchronize has a value, reflecting that information from cloud node/provider has been updated in the platform since the VM was deployed
generateGuestInitialPassword boolean If true, generate initial password and inject into guest, and send password to VM owner by mail or SMS, according to platform configuration
metadata Collection of String Object VM metadata used to store data for cloud-init, Chef, monitoring, etc.
monitored boolean Fetch metrics for this VM and enable monitoring features such as alarms, alerts, and action plans
monitoringLevel String The monitoring level configured for the provider. Some providers such as AWS offer DETAILED and DEFAULT monitoring levels
protected boolean If true, the VM is protected by the administrator and the standard user cannot perform platform operations on the VM
protectedCause String The reason why the VM was protected
variables Collection of String String List of variables defined by name and value to send to the VM before first boot
creationTimestamp long Timestamp of when the VM was created in milliseconds
backupPolicies Collection of BackupPolicyDefinitionDto List of Backup policy definitions for the VM
fqdn String Fully qualified domain name of the VM. Can be entered and modified before deploy
natRules Collection of natrule List of NAT rules associating an original IP and a translated IP
iconUrl String The URI of the icon of VM
internalProviderId String The VM identifier returned from the provider plugin