The VLAN entity represents the following networks in the platform at the datacenter level:
  • Public networks: tenants obtain IPs to comunicate outside the datacenter
  • External networks: admins assign them to a specific tenant
  • Unmanaged networks: a subset of external networks with IPs managed outside the platform

Name Type Description
address String Network address of the VLAN
defaultNetwork boolean If true, the network is used as a default network.
dhcpOptions dhcpoptions DHCP options are used for static routes
gateway String Gateway of the VLAN
id Integer Identifier of the entity
mask Integer Numerical value of the VLAN mask
name String Name of the network
primaryDNS String Primary DNS address
secondaryDNS String Secondary DNS address
sufixDNS String Suffix DNS value
tag Integer Tag of the VLAN or VXLAN. Required attribute to create PUBLIC, EXTERNAL, and UNMANAGED networks
type NetworkType Network type
unmanaged Boolean If true, the VLAN is unmanaged
ipv6 boolean If true, the network is IPv6; If false, the network is IPv4. The default is false
strict boolean If true, the IPv6 network is strict; If false, it is not strict. The default is false
ipRanges Collection of VLANNetworkDto.IpRange List of ipRange, with firstIp and lastIp available in the range, to define provider IP networks and reserved IPs.
providerId String Provider ID for the network
restricted boolean If true, the ability to attach or detach NICs in this external or public network is restricted by privileges
internetGatewayRole boolean If true, the network provides the internet gateway for the VDC
excludedFromFirewall boolean If true, the platform will not apply VM firewalls to this network. The default is false
notUsableLoadBalancers boolean This network cannot be used to supply a load balancer address
notUsableVirtualMachines boolean Cannot be attached to VMs
dhcpIp String DHCP plugin requires an IP in the network (dnsmasq)

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