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What is the Abiquo Billing Plugin?

The Abiquo Billing Integration is a separate utility that aggregates accounting data and presents it to a billing system. The accounting data can be aggregated to different levels (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). The Abiquo Billing Integration outputs billing data in generic formats, or to specific billing systems. Billing can be done at either VDC or Enterprise level.

The Abiquo Billing Integration can be run on any system that can access the Abiquo DBMS. It is designed to be scheduled (e.g. by cron). The utility is a Java application hosted in a standalone JVM. It is launched using the 'billing.sh' script supplied.

Why have we created the Abiquo Billing Plugin?

Question: The Abiquo server already collects comprehensive resource data (CPU, Memory, Storage, Networking) to support billing systems, so why do we need a Billing Plugin?
Answer: Certain Billing systems (e.g. Zuora, Aria) need to have data 'pushed' to them using a custom API. We need a new component to do this for us.

Question: Some billing systems (e.g. Ubersmith) are capable of 'pulling' data from our DBMS, so do they need a billing connector?
Answer: Ideally, we should not give direct DBMS access of our 'kinton' DBMS to a billing system.
Answer: We need to be able to map Abiquo Enterprises and VDCs to billable accounts and items; the Abiquo Billing Integration provides the functionality to do this.

What can be billed?

  • 'Standard' Billing Usage. Either by Usage or by Allocation:
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Local Storage
    • External Storage
    • VLAN
    • IP
  • Standard Billing - Usage only
    • Hypervisor Type
    • Reserved Machine
    • Repository Usage
    • High Availability-hosting
    • Anti-Affinity hosting 
  • Storage Tiers. Tiered alternative to 'External Storage'.
  • Cost Codes
  • 'Custom' Usages
    • Allows customers to define their own usage definitions. Useful when
      customers want to bill for other resources (e.g. by custom Network bandwidth usage).

What billing systems does the Abiquo Billing Integration support?

The Billing Integration currently provides plugins and documentation to support the following 3rd party Billing Systems:

  • Zuora
  • Aria

Additionally, the generic CSV and DBMS Billing connectors enable connection to almost any Billing System that can read Usage data from either a CSV file or a DBMS.

CSV Connector Example

The following image shows sample output from the CSV connector.

DBMS Connector Example

The following image shows sample output from the DBMS connector.


Zuora Example

An overview of configuring and using the Billing Integration with Zuora is available in the Zuora Walkthrough

Getting Started

To quickly get up and running with the Abiquo Billing Integration, please see one of our Billing Quickstart Guides.   For full details of the Billing Integration functionality and configuration, please see the Abiquo Billing Integration User Guide, and the related CSV Billing IntegrationDBMS Billing IntegrationAria Billing Integration, and Zuora Billing Integration pages that contain specific information for configuring the individual billing connectors.