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Abiquo 2.4

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 Abiquo 2.4 20130403

Release Notes 2.4


1. Platform Changes

1.1. Licensing upgrades

In Abiquo 2.4 licensing has been updated to use stronger encryption keys. This change requires the following points to be taken into account.

  • Prior to any upgrade please contact Abiquo support in order to obtain new license that will be compatible with V2.4
  • During the upgrade, all existing licenses will be removed
    • Old licenses are not valid for use with Abiquo 2.4
  • As part of the upgrade process, add new licenses to the platform using the User Interface or the REST API

1.2. Platform Component Upgrades

Abiquo 2.4 requires the following changes to the platform components:

  • Update Abiquo AIM on open source hypervisors to version 1.5.3, following the standard yum procedure
  • Abiquo now ships with MariaDB 5.5
  • Upgrading customers must upgrade to MySQL 5.5 or MariaDB 5.5 BEFORE upgrading to Abiquo 2.4
  • Customers using LVM should upgrade LVM using the ISO
  • The cron job to update statistics is no longer required
  • Old events can be archived to the metering archive table using a database event

1.3. New Features and Improvements

Abiquo 2.4 contains the following new features and improvements.

DescriptionDocumentation Labels
High Availability of Virtual Appliancesv24 layers vappha vm antiaffinity
API Load Balancingv24 api load balancing
Configuration Changes in Abiquo 2.4 (AIM, LVM, privileges and properties)v24 property privilege
Database Changesv24 mariadb mysql
Changes to Accounting in Abiquo 2.4v24 accounting
Changes to Abiquo Billing Integration in 2.4v24 billing
Networking Improvements in 2.4v24 networking
Changes to Network Service Type User Interfacev24 network service type
Changes to VM Storage Configurationv24 storage
Control Access to Storage Service Levelsv24 storage tiers service levels allowed restricted
Extended OVF Support and Template Definitionv24 ovf template
Move Persistent Virtual Machine Templatesv24 move persistent template
New Instance Processv24 instance process

Promote Instances to Master Templates

v24 promote instances
Customize GUI Error Messagesv24 gui localization errors
New GUI Elementsv24 gui branding
Google Maps Replaced with OpenStreetMapv24 google maps map
The Abiquo Wizardv24 wizard gui localization
Changes to Remote Access Passwordsv24 vnc password remote access rdp


Guides to new features can be found under the New in Abiquo 2.4 page in Current Release Info.

1.4. Resolved Bugs and Known Issues

1.4.1. Resolved Bugs





Server error response trying to load the statistical data of an enterprise that has been deleted


No way to set/update the cost code for deployed VM templates


KVM has a limitation of 4 IDE devices, add check and meaningful error message


Incorrect rel in the XML setting an unmanaged network as the default VLAN in a VDC


500 server response creating an external/unmanged vlan with invalid enterprise ID


500 internal server error in second Abiquo client when concurrently retrieving VMs from a machine


Creating one persistent VM in VAPP with other VMs, all the VMs say they are processing


Special currency characters on Add a Cost Code popup display as hex codes


If a user does not have "Manage Virtual machine hard disks" privilege, the HD tab should not display in config


The physical machine's used resources are not released when deleting a VM in unknown state


By default when a hard limit is set we should set the soft limit to the same value


The hard-limit popup is not shown when creating a persistent template


The soft-limit popup is showing wrong information


If I cannot update or create an instance in an appliance with out saving first, why are buttons live?


In the ""associate service profile screen", the Accept button is enabled after deleting the last service profile


A user who has privileges to manage vApps, cannot remove vApps that contain VMs


After detaching a NIC, it is not possible to attach it again unless the popup is closed and opened again


Preserve current state with selection of volume or persistent machine when background process updates data on screen


Deploying a VM through the API fails if soft limits are exceeded. It should succeed with an event warning as in the GUI.
User should be able to force VDC soft limits. In VirtualMachineTaskDto,
the 'forceEnterpriseSoftLimit' parameter will be renamed to 'forceVDCLimit' in Abiquo 2.6


Refresh does not work correctly in Home view. Should add an "Update statistics automatically" check to enable
the background process (default 30 seconds) to update the Home statistics.


Can capture virtual machines with IPs that are not associated with any NST of the PM. Should produce capture error and
appropriate error message 


Cannot see all the network interfaces in the physical machine details if there are a lot of interfaces


(API) Including an invalid reference link, the error response is not handled and a 500 internal server error is produced
instead of an "invalid link reference"


Wrong behavior reaching soft limits because CPUs were not counted correctly


Default network service type was being created in the physical machine in the GUI.
Should be created in the datacenter, under Network tab.


Problem refreshing the default network service type because "Network Service" and "Network Service (default)" labels were used


Public IP limits are incorrectly displayed on the Dashboard. Enterprise Admin user can see enterprise's public IP limits


Cannot add the same UCS Rack in different Datacenters


In infrastructure Statistics panel, externalStorage is computing additional hard discs as freeStorage (total externalStorage)


vCenter user and password properties have a default value but they should not


(API) A user with privileges to capture a VM cannot do so because the vApp link is missing when virtual datacenters are retrieved


(API) Deprecated resources related with virtual appliances


Incorrect error handling when creating an instance with a name that includes blank characters at the beginning or the end


The call "getTiers" returns an empty list if the scope assigned to the user does not include the datacenter


Templates with spaces in their names remain "in progress" until template list is refreshed, but the templates upload correctly


Description is blanked after adding a volume on a generic iSCSI storage device


Name and description of privilege for creating persistent templates is not accurate


Raw templates do not deploy to ESXi


vApp remains spinning when VM is deleted and vCenter is not reachable


A shared template cannot be downloaded from another enterprise


Undeploying a paused VM does not set stopTime in the accounting_event_vm entry for that VM


If you remove a PM and re-add it again, all accounting_event_vm of hosted VM are set as Stopped


"You do not have enough permissions to perform that task" message when retrieving vApps from another enterprise


Unclear message on unlicensed Abiquo. Should include names of machines that will be disabled due to insufficient licenses


Templates of over 4 GB are not properly downloaded from Abiquo Appliance library


When calculating cloud usage stats, the query returns more than one result when it is not filtered by datacenter ID


Only attached volumes are being counted as used external storage in Home View Statistics for Enterprise and VDC chart


Refresh datastores button using the Service IP instead of Management IP


Resize of a volume fails with not enough space on volume due to NetApp parameters


Live migration / VSM move event does NOT update physicalmachine resource usage stats



1.4.2. Known Issues



An unhelpful message is shown when adding a physical machine (ESXi) with expired license


Cannot attach more than 1 IDE volume in Hyper-V


If the instance process fails, there is no notification to the user


Inaccurate error message deleting a template that has instances in the NFS repository


500 internal server error after doing "getVirtualDisksInfrastructure" with a user with infrastructure privileges


There is no error code on the error when trying to add more than one global rule


Adding a pricing model, it is not clear why the Save button is not available from the Image Prices or Tiered Storage tab


A load level for all racks doesn't apply to a PM if there is another PM in the same rack with a local rule


A persistent template can be moved to the same VDC


The promote button is enabled although the user does not have permission to use it


500 internal server error generating conversions with a user with Apps Library permissions


Error trying to manage UCS service profiles


Can add 2 datacenters with the same "datacenter uuid" because we are not checking them


Wrong events are generated after restricting all tiers - some tiers cannot be restricted


No event is recorded when the state of a physical machine changes


The "with Virtual DataCenters restriction" label is not removed when a user is to moved to a new enterprise


The NICs attached/detached during a reconfigure in VirtualBox are not applied in the hypervisor


The "+" button on the volumes tab is enabled although there is no VDC selected


Moving a deployed VM to a layer, the accounting_event_vm is not modified


Promoting an instance containing '&' or other characters that need escaping doesn't give a very helpful error


No detailed trace is shown when a deploy fails due to a networking problem


For templates retrieved from the NFS, not all the conversions are recorded in the accounting_event_repository table


The conversions of promoted templates are not recorded in the accounting_event_repository table


Reserving servers when creating a new enterprise causes a server error


Not all the accounting parameters are retrieved by the accounting_config_view


The "reconfigure" pop-up never disappears when moving 2 VMs deployed on the same PM into a layer which has a VM that is not deployed


Warning message that appears when deleting the penultimate VM of a layer doesn't warn the user that the layer will be removed


Spinning VMs when changing state in managed but not responding hypervisors


idDatacenter = NULL for public VLANs in the accounting_event_vlan table


A shared template not used by any other enterprise, cannot be unshared


Error messages are not accurate at all when a user has no privileges to manage layers


Having a Public network as default, can deploy VMs without purchased IPs


No detailed error adding/updating a machine setting a wrong network service type configuration (dvSwitch)

5222If a PM is removed when there are captured machines in VAPPs, this leaves those VAPPs in a bad way


Promoting an instance with a really long name can cause the Apps library to show a GEN-13 error on refresh

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