Abiquo 2.4

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Abiquo has created an SDK to allow third-party companies (partners, customers, etc) to develop their own storage plugins to support their storage devices. The SDK and documentation provides an interface, test suite and instructions for easy integration.

Storage Platforms such as Dell Equalogic, HP, Hitatchi, IBM Storwize V7000, and EMC are some examples of storage integrations that our customers require in addition to our current 'managed storage' offerings (iSCSI). Currently Abiquo has integrations with/supports: NetApp, LVM, Nexenta and generic iSCSI connectors. The generic iSCSI connector can be used to integrate a compatible iSCSI storage system but it has limitations and requires additional management on the storage platform ie. individually create iSCSI targets for each volume Abiquo consumes/uses. This means that no 'self service' storage with native connectors/integrations is available in Abiquo and it adds additional management overheads both inside and outside of Abiquo.

With the multitude of storage platforms, options and versions available to customers it is a challenge for Abiquo to maintain, offer and support such a wide range of integrations that could be certified to work with the Abiquo platform.


Increased potential options for managed storage within Abiquo beyond the current restrictive integrations of three products. Customers, partners, system integrators and so on can develop their own plugins to suit their managed storage requirements, if necessary with the assistance of senior professionals in their chosen storage technology. Direct integration with the storage platform eliminates the management overheads of provisioning storage through the generic iSCSI integration. Direct integration allows you to offer 'self service' storage volume creation and use directly via the Abiquo platform for your storage technology.

Limitations or clarifications

All the current plugins are fully compatible with this model and some of them will be delivered under an Open Source Model to provide real examples of use. Generic iSCSI integration will still be provided. Abiquo 'managed storage' and integration is only provided over iSCSI. This feature is designed for advanced use and may require expert knowledge of the Abiquo platform in addition to the storage technology.