Abiquo 2.4

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Basic Checks

Server URL
  • Check your server URL. Remember that the API is served from a different location to the Server Web GUI.

Chef Server

Default Protocol

Default Port

Default API URL

Chef Community




Opscode Hosted Chef Server


none - 443


Abiquo Server
  • Check the time on your Abiquo Server.
  • Check connectivity between the Abiquo Server and the Chef Server.
Chef Clients
  • Check that the client names are exactly the same as the client names in the Chef Server.
  • Check that the Chef admin client has admin permissions.
Default Validator Client Names and Keys

Opscode Hosted Chef Server


Validator Name


Validator key

organization-validator.pem OR validation.pem

Chef Community


Validator name


Validator key


Diagnosing Common Chef Problems

Chef agent does not work when booting the VM: "Error requesting node info from API"

Symptoms: The /var/log/abiquo-chef-agent.log contains the error "Error requesting node info from API"
Problem: abiquo.properties file on the Abiquo Server is not properly configured.
Solution: Set the property abiquo.server.api.location with a valid URL. This URL needs to be reachable by the virtual machine when booting.

abiquo.server.api.location = http://abiquo-api-public-host/api
Chef client does not work when booting virtual machine: "Synchronize the clock on your host"

Symptoms: The log /var/log/chef-client.log contains the error "synchronize the clock on your host"
Problem: The clock on the virtual machine is not syncronized.
Solution: Synchronize the clock with UTP on the virtual machine OR set the right date time in the hypervisor you are deploying with.

Chef agent gives error: "Error requesting node info from API - 409 Conflict"

Symptoms: The log /var/log/abiquo-chef-agent.log contains

E, [2011-11-14T14:14:44.273615 #698] ERROR -- : Error requesting node info from API
E, [2011-11-14T14:14:44.273680 #698] ERROR -- : 409 Conflict
E, [2011-11-14T14:14:44.273734 #698] ERROR -- : BACKTRACE
E, [2011-11-14T14:14:44.273766 #698] ERROR -- : exit
E, [2011-11-14T14:14:44.273795 #698] ERROR -- : /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/abiquo-chef-agent-1.0.6/bin/abiquo-chef-run:81:in `exit'/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/abiquo-chef-agent-1.0.6/bin/abiquo-chef-run:81/usr/bin/abiquo-chef-run:19:in `load'/usr/bin/abiquo-chef-run:19

Problem: The enterprise in Abiquo is not configured for using Chef
Solution: Check the enterprise's Chef credentials in Abiquo

Chef agent gives error: "Error parsing leases file"

Symptoms: The log /var/log/abiquo-chef-agent.log contains

E, [2012-01-27T15:04:10.817911 #524] ERROR -- : Leases file not found. Aborting.
E, [2012-01-27T15:04:10.818098 #524] ERROR -- : BACKTRACE
E, [2012-01-27T15:04:10.818190 #524] ERROR -- : exit
E, [2012-01-27T15:04:10.818276 #524] ERROR -- : /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/abiquo-chef-agent-1.0.8/bin/abiquo-chef-run:67:in `exit'/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/abiquo-chef-agent-1.0.8/bin/abiquo-chef-run:67/usr/local/bin/abiquo-chef-run:19:in `load'/usr/local/bin/abiquo-chef-run:19

Symptoms: The leases file has an incorrect format
Problem: The Validator key is not valid
Solution: Generate a new Validator key

DHCP lease has wrong value for API URL

Symptoms: Chef integration is not working and the value of the API URL in the DHCP lease is not correct. The following code snippet shows an example with a default API URL of

Example from DHCP leases file
host 005056201484_host {
  hardware ethernet 00:50:56:20:14:84;
        supersede vendor-encapsulated-options =
        supersede routers = c0:a8:00:01;
        supersede subnet-mask = ff:ff:ff:00;

Problem: The Abiquo properties are not set correctly
Solution: On the Abiquo Server, edit the abiquo.properties file and add the following property

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