Abiquo 2.6

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Users can now acknowledge a warning that was triggered when a task failed, for example, when the user tried to deploy a virtual machine but the deploy was unsuccessful. Even if the platform recovers the virtual machine, in Abiquo 2.4, the warning symbol is still displayed. The warning symbol applies to a previous failed deploy and does not indicate the current state of platform.
In Abiquo 2.6, the user acknowledges the warning and the warning symbol is removed. 

If a deploy fails because of a lack of resources, for example, then the warning symbol is not necessary after cloud users have been advised because they may then decide to redistribute or purchase more resources. 

When a user acknowledges a warning, Abiquo changes the state of the virtual machine task to ACK_ERROR.

Delete Your Own Warnings

All users can acknowledge their own warnings and no special privileges are required.

To acknowledge a warning:

  1. Move the mouse button over the warning symbol. An X will appear over the symbol
  2. Click on the X to remove the warning
Delete Warnings for Users of Your Enterprise

A user with the Manage users privilege can acknowledge the warnings for the users of the enterprises they can manage.