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Abiquo 2.6

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Virtual appliances are managed in the Virtual Appliances tab of a virtual datacenter.

The operations available for managing virtual appliances are:

Button Action
Create a new Virtual Appliance
Remove an existing Virtual Appliance
Edit the selected Virtual Appliance

Creating a New Virtual Appliance

API Documentation

For the Abiquo API documentation of this feature, see Abiquo API Resources and the page for this resource VirtualApplianceResource.

To create a new virtual appliance, select the virtual datacenter where the virtual appliance will be deployed, click the  button, and complete the form:


If the  checkbox is marked, the user will be able to edit the virtual appliance after clicking Accept.

The new virtual appliance will appear in the list in the Virtual Appliances tab.

Deleting a Virtual Appliance

To delete an existing virtual appliance, first you must undeploy it. Then select it and click the  button.

Virtual Appliance deletion

Only virtual appliances that are not deployed can be deleted.

Deploying and Undeploying a Virtual Appliance

Virtual appliances can be easily deployed and undeployed using the controls that appear at the bottom of the screen when a virtual appliance is selected.

Click the  button to deploy. When the virtual appliance is deployed, the  button changes to a green color. Click again to undeploy.

A table containing information related to the virtual appliance is also displayed.

Virtual Appliances can also be deployed from the Virtual Appliances Tab, see Deploy a Virtual Appliance.

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