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Abiquo 2.6

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Compute resources in Datacenters are represented as machines on racks. This page describes compute resources in Abiquo datacenters, which include machines in standard racks and blades in managed racks.

Abiquo Racks

In Abiquo, a rack is a logical entity used for grouping machines. Groups of machines may be useful in:

  • high availability of virtual machines between hypervisors of the same type
  • VLAN isolation of private virtual datacenter networks

Abiquo racks can be configured to mirror physical racks, i.e. a group of machines connected to the same top-of-rack switch. The Administrator's Guide describes the hypervisor network configuration

Abiquo supports two types of racks: standard racks and managed racks.

  • On a standard rack, you manually create machines. 
  • On a managed rack, Abiquo will communicate with the rack and automatically detect the machines on the rack, so you cannot create them. 


Introduction to Abiquo High Availability of Virtual Machines

Introduction to VLANs


Control Compute Resources

When you select a machine on a rack or a blade on a managed rack, you will see the machine control panel. This panel contains: machine control buttons and machine description tabs. This section contains a description of the general virtual machine controls. Further information can be found for:

This section describes the general machine controls for all Abiquo racks in datacenters. This section does not apply to public datacenters.

ButtonShort Description
Open VDRP/VNC to access the virtual machine (if supported by the hypervisor)
Send email to the owner of the virtual machine
Capture the Virtual Machine
Power On/Power Off the virtual machine
Pause the virtual machine
Restart the virtual machine.

See Deploy a Virtual Appliance for more information.

Disabling a Machine

The provisioning process selects a machine for deploying a virtual machine, according to the Virtual Machine Allocation. You can disable a machine in order to avoid deploying virtual machines on it. To do this, click the disable button: 


When the machine is disabled, the disable button will change to an enable button. To re-enable the machine, click the enable button.

Enabling a Machine that was Disabled by HA

After a machine has been disabled by HA, the system administrator should restart the machine and check the hypervisor.

Attention: Restarting an ESX or ESXi host disabled by HA

Before manually enabling an ESXi host in Abiquo:

  • check the hypervisor configuration using vSphere Client to ensure that the datastores are active. Perform a rescan if necessary.
  • check for virtual machines with no name, in the UNKNOWN (INVALID) state. Delete these machines in the hypervisor. Do not delete machines with proper names because Abiquo will manage these machines.


A machine disabled by HA will have the state HA DISABLED in the Abiquo GUI. Manually enable the machine in Abiquo by clicking the enable button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Reserving a Machine for an Enterprise

Machines can be reserved for a specific enterprise and the enterprise's deployments can also be restricted to these reserved machines. This is done in Users View by selecting the editing the Enterprise and selecting the Reservations tab (see Reservations.)

Sending Email Notifications

Click the email icon  to send email notifications about a machine or its virtual machines. Notifications can be sent to either the owner of the machine (the user who created it) or to the administrator or enterprise manager.

The managers of an enterprise are all the users of that enterprise with the "Define Enterprise Manager" privilege. All users who have virtual machines deployed on that machine will receive email notifications about a machine.

For event notification from Abiquo, the system administrator should use the Abiquo Events Notifier.

Viewing Machine Resources on the State Tab

Every time a user deploys or undeploys a virtual appliance, the used resources (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk) in the physical infrastructure are updated. These resource allocation values can be viewed in the State tab of the Machine details pane.

Manually refreshing allocated resources

Click the button to refresh the state and resources of the selected machine.