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Abiquo 2.6

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Open a Virtual Appliance

To configure a virtual appliance, first you must open it. In the virtual datacenter, on the Virtual Appliances tab, double click the virtual appliance.  Or move the mouse over the virtual appliance and click on the arrow that appears beside it.


Filter Templates in the Template Library tab

To filter templates in the left-hand Template library tab:

  • Use the pull-down list of categories to select only one category
  • Enter text in the search box and press enter or click the arrows to reload the search
    • To clear the search, clear the text and reload the search
Create Virtual Machines

To add virtual machines to the virtual appliance, drag and drop templates from the Template Library tab or the Persistent Virtual Machine Templates tab.

Available Templates

On the left side, the template list contains only the compatible templates, according to the Hypervisor Compatibility table. If you cannot see a template for your hypervisor, you may need to request the missing conversion from your System Administrator who can restart the missing conversions in the Appliance Library.

Add Instances of Virtual Machines

If there are instances of the virtual machine template you are adding to your virtual appliance, the following pop-up is shown so you can select an instance or the master template. Note that by default the master template is selected. Unselect the master template if you only want to add an instance.

Then save the virtual appliance by clicking the floppy disk icon.

After you save the virtual appliance, the new virtual machines will be marked with a until the virtual appliance is deployed.


If the virtual appliance is not deployed, Configure Virtual Machines before you deploy the virtual appliance.

Deploy a Virtual Appliance 

After you have configured and saved the virtual appliance, you can deploy it by clicking the deploy  button. When the deploy process finishes, the virtual appliance will be powered on, and you will be able to power on and off all the virtual machines in the virtual appliance using the control buttons at the bottom right of the screen. The control buttons may include PowerPause and Reset:

For more detailed information about virtual appliances see Deploy a Virtual Appliance.

Add Machines to a Deployed Virtual Appliance

If the virtual appliance is already deployed, the new virtual machine is marked with a plus icon until the virtual appliance is updated. You can now configure the new virtual machine before deployment. 

To deploy the new virtual machine, click the Update Running Appliance button , which is near the undeploy button . The cloud platform will reconfigure the virtual machines, to apply any changes you have made to their configuration (e.g. add storage or network interface). It will also deploy any machines that are not deployed yet.

To configure or reconfigure a deployed virtual machine (e.g. modify network and storage), first click on the virtual machine and power it off, then make your changes.

Configure High Availability of Virtual Machines

Functionality Not Available in Public Datacenters

This functionality is not available in public datacenters

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See Configure High Availability of Virtual Appliances

Create Persistent Virtual Machine Templates

Functionality Not Available in Public Datacenters

This functionality is not available in public datacenters

You can create persistent templates from inside a VApp on the Persistent Virtual Machine Templates tab. Click the add button  at the bottom of the tab to create a new persistent template.

Select your VM template from the template list, select storage, then click Make persistent. When it is ready, your template will appear in the Persistent Virtual Machine Templates tab.

To manage your persistent templates, go to the Persistent Virtual Machine Templates tab in Virtual Datacenters view.

Create an Instance

Functionality Not Available in Public Datacenters

This functionality is not available in public datacenters

When you have deployed the virtual appliance, instances of the virtual machines can be made by clicking the  button. For more detailed information about virtual machine instances, see Create Virtual Machine Instances.