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Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo is a hypervisor-agnostic cloud platform and its V2V conversion process allows users to move or copy any undeployed virtual appliance between virtual datacenters in the same physical datacenter, regardless of whether they use the same or different hypervisors.

Undeploying a virtual appliance will destroy all non-persistent disks. When you redeploy, the system disk of a non-persistent machine will be replaced with the template system disk.

Go to Virtual Datacenters view, and select and Undeploy your virtual appliance.

  • To Move, drag & drop the virtual appliance from one virtual datacenter to another.
  • To Copy, click the SHIFT button on the keyboard and drag & drop from one virtual datacenter to another.

The primary disk of the virtual appliance is moved or copied but the configuration of the virtual appliance (network, etc.) is not. So you will need to reconfigure after move or copy operations. Before the process begins, the following confirmation pop-up displays.

Prerequisites for Move and Copy Operations

Before the copy or move process can be started, these prerequisites must be met:

  • The virtual appliance and its virtual machines must be in state and substate NOT_DEPLOYED.
  • These actions can only be performed between virtual datacenters within the same physical datacenter.
  • Each virtual machine in the virtual appliance is evaluated as described in the following diagram:

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