Abiquo 2.6

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This document assumes the reader is familiar with Abiquo Apps Library, Virtual Machine Templates and Instances. See Virtual Machine Templates and Saving Changes to Virtual Machines.

Introduction to Delete VM Templates

In Abiquo 2.6 customers can now remove an unwanted template from the Apps Library. In previous versions, you could not delete a template that was "in use". Now Abiquo allows you to delete the disk and make the template unavailable to users. Unavailable templates are marked in the Apps Library and cannot be used for new deploys. After the template does not have any linked instances or deployed virtual machines it can be deleted.

When users try to undeploy a virtual machine with an unavailable template, Abiquo will warn them to create an instance to save the virtual machine template and data. 

You can create a new template with an updated disk and make this template available to users. Or you can replace a deleted disk with a new disk and the template will become available again.

Deleting templates will improve scalability as our customers' businesses grow. This feature will make it easier for cloud tenants to keep their template collections within their repository limits. After a template becomes outdated, cloud users can transition to an upgraded version of the template when they create new virtual machines. 

Apps library checks

This feature includes new checks of the NFS Repository that holds the Apps Library. Abiquo detects when a template disk has been deleted from the Apps Library. Abiquo will mark a template without a disk as UNAVAILABLE. There are two types of checks: user refresh and automatic check. You can control the interval between automatic checks using the abiquo.appliancemanager.check.repository property. See Abiquo Configuration Properties