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Abiquo 2.6

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By default templates that can be used in virtual machines are displayed in the Apps Library. Select these checkboxes to view templates in different states:

  • Failed VM Templates
  • VM Templates in progress
  • Deleted Masters
    • This checkbox name may change in Abiquo 2.6 GA

Display Failed VM Templates

Click the Failed VM Templates checkbox to display failed templates. These templates are grayed out. 

Screenshot: example of failed template for Ubuntu Linux

For example, a template download may fail, usually because of:

  • Internet connection problems
  • NFS connection problems

Display and Restart Failed Conversions

Failed conversions are not shown in the main window of the Apps Library. You can see the conversions by editing a template.

If a conversion disk file is not found in the repository, the conversion is set to FAILED

  • For example, this can be caused by:
    • a failed conversion
    • removal of the conversion disk file from filesystem

Edit a template and click Show to display conversions.

  • The user can click Restart conversion to start the conversion again


Display VM Templates in Progress

Select the VM templates in progress checkbox to display templates in progress. Templates in progress are shown with a rotating arrow over the template icon. Example of Core_Instance_New_Instance being promoted


  • When Abiquo creates a new template it:
    • registers the new master template in the database
    • performs the tasks to create the new template
  • A template that has tasks that are started but not completed is considered to be in progress
    • Note that the in progress state is computed from incomplete tasks, not stored in the platform


Display Unavailable and Deleted Templates

Click the Deleted Templates checkbox to display unavailable templates. Unavailable templates have no disk file and they are marked with a red symbol . Users cannot deploy these templates.

  • Screenshot: Deleted Templates checkbox and Deleted template displayed

Display Instances of Deleted Templates
  • Instances of an unavailable template will be kept, but not automatically promoted to master instances
  • An instance of a virtual machine that is using an UNAVAILABLE template is:
    • Still linked to the unavailable template
    • Shown in the main Apps Library view with the master templates

When you select the Deleted Templates checkbox, instances linked to an unavailable template display below the master template

If you deselect the Deleted Templates checkbox, instances of unavailable templates display in the main view with the instance symbol  in the top left corner


If the template is made available again, the instances will only be visible in instances view, not in the main view. The deleted template symbol  will be removed from the restored master template