Abiquo 2.6

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The map feature in the Abiquo Infrastructure view includes:

  1. Base map
  2. Plotting datacenter locations

Abiquo previously used Google Maps for the whole map feature but now this feature has been split between OpenStreetMap and Google Maps as described below.

Base Map

Google Maps has dropped support for Flash, which is the graphics application used to compile the Abiquo client GUI. For this reason Abiquo is now using OpenStreetMap as the base map.

This map is now automatically shown into the Abiquo Infrastructure view.

As in earlier versions of Abiquo, the default view that the map opens to is set using the coordinates and zoom in Configuration View in the Datacenter Maps section.

Plotting datacenter locations

When you create a new datacenter, you enter its location in plain text, for example, "Barcelona". If you have entered an API key, Abiquo uses one of the Google Maps APIs to calculate the location's coordinates from the text field. Finally Abiquo plots a point on the map to show this location.

Abiquo v2.4 uses the Google Maps Javascript API v2 to calculate the coordinates of the datacenter. To use this API, you must obtain an API key and enter it in one of the client GUI files on the Abiquo Server.

For configuration instructions, see How to Obtain and Install a Google Maps API Key

OpenStreetMap Functionality

You can click and drag to pan across the map, as well as use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out. You can also use the scroll slider on the right of the screen and the pan arrows below to move around the map.