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Abiquo 2.6

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User's Guide. 2. Home

The Abiquo dashboard is the first screen you will see when you log in to Abiquo. It provides a general view of the resources currently being used by your system on four different screens, which are from left to right, top down:

  • Enterprise Resources
  • Running Virtual Appliances
  • Virtual Datacenters
  • Events

Each of these four screens can be minimized or maximized to give a better view of only the data you are interested in.

API Documentation

For the Abiquo API documentation of this feature, see Abiquo API Resources and the page for this resource StatisticsResource.

Enterprise Resources

This screen shows statistics of the resources used by your virtual datacenters and enterprise. The information shown will vary depending on your user privileges and the resources used in the cloud platform. All users can display the statistics for their own virtual datacenters.

Virtual Datacenter Statistics

Filtering by Virtual Datacenter

You can select a virtual datacenter from the pull-down list to filter the Enterprise Resources and show only the resources used by one virtual datacenter.

Enterprise Statistics

Enterprise Administrators can view the summary statistics for the whole enterprise. In addition, the Show enterprise limits privilege will allow them to see the enterprise limits. 

The following screenshot shows the Enterprise Resources panel maximized using the controls in the top right-hand corner of the panel. The default for the Enterprise Administrator is to filter the Enterprise Resources statistics by Enterprise.

In this case, the enterprise has reached an enterprise limit because a bar is shown colored red only. However, this bar would be the same if there was no limit.

To filter by virtual datacenter, first select this option in the pull-down menu. 


Then select a specific virtual datacenter from the second pull-down menu. Note that the virtual datacenter does not show Repository limits because these limits only apply at enterprise level (enterprise and enterprise-datacenter limits).

Updating Statistics Automatically

By default, the statistics will be updated every time you access the Home view.

If you mark the Update statistics automatically checkbox, then the statistics will be automatically updated after the periodic infrastructure check.

Virtual Datacenters

This is a list of all the virtual datacenters defined in your Enterprise and data for each of them:

  • Virtual datacenter name.
  • Total virtual machines deployed.
  • Currently running virtual machines.
  • Total number of storage volumes created.
  • Number of storage volumes currently attached to virtual machines.

Running Virtual Appliances

This is a list of all the virtual appliances defined and data of each of them:

  • Virtual appliance name.
  • Virtual datacenter currently hosting this virtual appliance.
  • Total virtual machines deployed.
  • Currently running virtual machines.
  • Number of storage volumes currently attached to virtual machines.


This is a condensed view of the Events view logs for users who have privileges to display Events. It displays all events for your enterprise.