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Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo compute resources include physical machines, blades on managed racks and machines in public datacenters. To manage compute resources, open a datacenter:

  1. Go to the Infrastructure View by pressing the  button at the top of the main screen
  2. Select a datacenter in the list
    1. Double click the datacenter name OR
    2. Move the mouse over the datacenter name and press the  '>' button   to open the datacenter pane.

 Here you can manage racks, machines and their virtual machines, and enable high availability of virtual machines.


Listing Racks and Machines


Go to the Infrastructure View by clicking the  button at the top of the main screen, select a datacenter in the list, and click the  button to see the datacenter information. The PHYSICAL SERVERS list is on the left side of the datacenter pane.

Filter Physical Machines by Rack

Enter text in the search box at the top of the physical servers list to filter racks and only display the racks with names containing this text. To reset the filter and display all racks, clear the text and press enter.

Physical Machine States


GraySTOPPEDThe machine is stopped; it does not respond to ping
OrangePROVISIONEDThe machine exists, but there is no connection to the hypervisor
YellowNOT MANAGEDThe machine and hypervisor exist, but are not properly configured
GreenMANAGEDThe machine and hypervisor are ready to deploy virtual machines

The machine and hypervisor are ready but the machine has been disabled by the cloud administrator to prevent users from working with their virtual machines.


GrayUNLICENSEDThere are not enough licenses for the cores in this virtual machine
GrayHA IN PROGRESSThe machine and hypervisor are being used by the high availability process
GrayDISABLED FOR HAThe machine and hypervisor have been disabled by high availability after restarting of virtual machines on another hypervisor
PinkHALTED FOR SAVEThe machine, which belongs to a UCS rack, has been powered down by Abiquo. Therefore the machine is ready for power on under certain circumstances


View Virtual Machines on Machines

You can view the virtual machines created on different machines (or grouped by rack). The virtual machines can be viewed as a list of names or icons with each entry representing a virtual machine object.

A summary of the properties of a machine appears below the virtual machines pane when the user selects a virtual machine. This summary contains the information on the selected object. The virtual machine control panel contains the controls listed in the table below.



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