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Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo offers a backup front-end that allows you to integrate your datacenter backup system with Abiquo using a backup connector. 

Enable Backups for a Datacenter

To enable users to configure VM backups for a datacenter. Go to the Infrastructure tab and open the datacenter. Mark the checkbox to Enable Backup for this Datacenter.

Set Available Backup Configuration

Select the Backups that you will make available to your users and click Save.

  • When you change an existing backup configuration, the changes will highlighted. 
    • Backups you added will be shown with green text
    • Backups you removed will be shown in red text. 

These changes will apply to all virtual machines created after the changes are made.

Assign Backup Privileges to Your Users

By default the privileges that allow users to configure backups of their virtual machines are only assigned to the Cloud Administrator. You can assign these privileges to your enterprise administrators or users as required.

  • Manage datacenter backup configuration
  • Manage virtual machine backup configuration