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Abiquo 2.6

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Unmanaged Networks are a special type of external network. Their IP addresses are allocated outside of Abiquo. In Abiquo you must enter the network and the gateway.

The IP address for virtual machines on unmanaged networks can be assigned using the corporate DHCP server or by manually entering configuration with ifconfig in a shell, for example.

Unmanaged networks can use public or private IP addresses and they can be shared across one or more virtual datacenters. 

The Abiquo DHCP server does not allocate IP addresses to virtual machines on unmanaged networks. The virtual machines on unmanaged networks do not communicate with the Abiquo DHCP Server, so they will not receive static routes set using DHCP in Abiquo.

Operations on unmanaged networks are performed from the External network tab in Infrastructure view.

View Unmanaged Networks

Unmanaged networks are displayed with  (unmanaged)  after their name in the network list on the External networks page.

If you click on an unmanaged network in the list on the External networks tab, no network addresses will display because these addresses are not managed by Abiquo.

The cloud administrator is responsible for the proper administration of IP address ranges and VLAN tags.

From these screens the cloud administrator or other authorized user can:

Button Action
Create a new public, external or unmanaged VLAN
Remove an existing public, external or unmanaged VLAN
Edit the selected public, external or unmanaged VLAN


Create VLANs for Unmanaged Networks

Create unmanaged networks in Infrastructure view on the external networks page of the Network tab. 


To create unmanaged networks, enter the network details and a VLAN tag.

Click the  button in the lower left corner of the External Networks tab and complete the form. External and unmanaged networks are created with the same form. Mark the Unmanaged checkbox to create an unmanaged network.

Tag Availability Info*

The check availability button will check if the VLAN tag is available for all the racks of the datacenter. An unmanaged VLAN can be used on any rack and should be tagged in the same way on all racks. Tags in use by other VLANs will display a yellow warning signal but they may be used; only invalid tags will be rejected, with a red signal.

No Static Routes Using DHCP

Machines on unmanaged networks will not receive static routes by DHCP because they do not connect to the Abiquo DHCP Server.

Edit Network Information

To edit the Network Information for an unmanaged VLAN, select it in the VLAN list on External page. Then click the   button in the right corner below the NETWORKS list and select 'Edit' from the menu. The form is the same as the Network Information form for creating a VLAN, but you can only change the VLAN name, VLAN tag, VLAN gateway and Network Service Type as long as there are no virtual machines deployed in the network.

The images below show the popups for editing an unmanaged network.


Add IP Addresses

You can add IP addresses for NICs on unmanaged networks. This can be done during the capture process (using GUI or API) or at any time (using the API). 

View the IP List

On the right side of the screen, in the PUBLIC IPs pane, you will see details of the IPs of the selected public or external VLAN. Click in the header of a column to sort by that column, use the Search button to filter the results by any field and navigate through the pages with the page scroll. The VLAN type (Public VLAN or External VLAN) is shown in the bottom right section of the VLAN details when you click on the VLAN name.


Delete Unmanaged VLANs

To delete an unmanaged VLAN, select it in the VLAN list on the External tab and press the Delete Button  and the unmanaged VLAN will be deleted.


View Amazon Elastic IPs

Using Abiquo you can add Elastic IPs to virtual machines created in public datacenters. These IPs have public routable IP addresses and Abiquo registers them as part of unmanaged networks. In Infrastructure view you can view these networks on Network tab on the External networks page.