Abiquo 2.6

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Manage Virtual Machine Templates

This section describes how to manage all types of virtual machine templates using the appliance library screen. An enterprise repository is defined for each datacenter, so the first step is to select which datacenter you want to manage. On the right side of the screen you can see all the packages available to build virtual machines for the selected datacenters, classified in categories, for example "Operating Systems".

Move the mouse over a virtual machine template in the appliance library to activate the virtual machine template operations buttons.

In the appliance library, you can perform the following operations on virtual machine templates:





If you have the download virtual machine template privilege, you can download the template to your local machine hard drive.


You can change variables such as the template name, icon URL, etc, as explained in Modify a VM Template


Remove the template from the appliance library. See Delete a VM Template

Promote InstanceInstances only. Promote an instance to a master template. Abiquo copies the template before promoting it See Work with Instances

Appliance Library Symbols

The template icons in the appliance library are marked with the following symbols.



Indicates a shared template that may be used by all enterprises. Only a user with the "Administer all enterprises" privilege (by default Cloud Admin) can enable and manage sharing. See Share Virtual Machine Templates

Indicates a master template with instances created of machines using this template. Click on the template to open the instance view

The Chef template icon used by the administrator to indicate to Abiquo which templates are Chef-enabled

Indicates a secondary template that is an instance of a master template. If Abiquo displays a secondary template in the main Apps Library view, this means that the master template is unavailable. Click the checkbox to display Deleted Masters to display the master template in the main view and the instances in the instance view
This symbol is only visible when the checkbox to display Deleted Masters is selected. It indicates that a template is unavailable. This means that the template disk file has been deleted but the template definition is still in the Apps Library. You can restore the template by replacing the disk file. When the template is no longer in use in virtual machines and has no dependent instances, you can delete the template.

The Shared and Chef parameters and other characteristics can be set when you Modify a VM Template.

Download a Virtual Machine Template to Local Hard Disk

The download button on the VM template icon opens a browser dialog to confirm the download of the VM template disk file to your local hard disk. This function will download the template content (the disk file e.g .vmdk , .vhd), but not its metadata. It is also possible to download a virtual machine template disk file by clicking Download when modifying the template.