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This section describes the basic steps to create, configure and delete virtual machines in Abiquo.

Create a Virtual Machine

Virtual machines in Abiquo are created inside virtual appliances, which are created inside virtual datacenters.

In the virtual datacenter, on the Virtual Appliances tab, double click the virtual appliance.  Or move the mouse over the virtual appliance and click on the arrow that appears beside it. 

When you open a virtual appliance, the virtual appliance screen has two parts: virtual machine templates and virtual machines.

You will use virtual machine templates to create virtual machines. 

The virtual machines pane is where you will create your virtual machines.

It is very easy to create virtual machines in Abiquo.

Just drag and drop templates into the virtual machine pane.

Save your virtual appliance by clicking the Save button on the left side of the virtual machines pane.

And click the deploy button  on the right-hand side of the screen.

After the virtual appliance is deployed, the deploy button  changes color to become the green undeploy button .  The virtual machines will be running.

If you move the mouse over a virtual machine, you will see the configuration button and the delete button .

If you click on a virtual machine, a control panel will appear below. You can check the details of the virtual machine and power it on or off, and pause or reset the machine as allowed by the hypervisor and type of machine (created in Abiquo or captured/imported).

By default, the description panel provides a short description of the VM template. You can change the description when you reconfigure the virtual machine. The following screenshot of the description panel shows the machine in a paused state. For more information, see States in Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines.

After clicking the Pause button to start the machine again, the following screenshots show the Network and Storage panels, which are an easy way to check what IP addresses and volumes are assigned to your machine.

Reconfigure a Virtual Machine

To change the configuration of a virtual machine, including the storage and network configuration, first power off the virtual machine. Click on the machine and then click the power button on the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

Then move the mouse over the virtual machine and click the virtual machine configuration button .

Make your changes following the instructions in the section on how to Configure Virtual Machines.

Save your changes by clicking the virtual appliance save button.


If the virtual machine is deployed, the changes may not be applied directly. You may need to update the running appliance. The Update Running Appliance button appears on the right-hand side of the screen, near the Deploy button. Click the update running appliance button to apply your changes, which may include deploying newly added virtual machines.

Delete a Virtual Machine

To delete a virtual machine, move the mouse over the virtual machine and click the virtual machine delete button .

The following screenshots are based on a virtual appliance with two virtual machines, which has already been deployed. One of the virtual machines is running and one is powered off. 

First delete the powered-off machine.

The icon for the deleted virtual machine disappears from the virtual appliance. The Discard changes button appears at the top of the VIRTUAL MACHINES pane. You can undo the delete and other changes to the virtual appliance by clicking this button. 

If you Save the virtual appliance, the machine will be permanently deleted.

If you do not save, when the display is refreshed, the virtual machines will be restored to the same state that is stored in the database. The display is refreshed when the countdown timer in the lower right-hand corner of the screen reaches 0. The timer default is 30 seconds but this value can be set in Configuration View. In the screenshot below, the virtual appliance was not saved and the virtual machine we deleted was restored.


If the virtual appliance is deployed and the virtual machine is running, the virtual machine may be marked with a red cross for deleting when you save changes to the virtual appliance.

Again, the virtual machine will not be deleted until you save the changes to the virtual appliance. If you do not save your changes before the screen refreshes, the changes may be undone.

Again, you can also restore the virtual machine by clicking Discard Changes.

Always save the virtual appliance to finalize the delete of a virtual machine.


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