Abiquo 2.6

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Modify an Existing Virtual Machine Template

Click the  button to modify an existing virtual machine template.  The fields you can modify are described in the table below.

Share Virtual Machine Templates

When editing a template, click Shared template to make this template available to all users.

Shared templates can be seen by all enterprises and are marked with the  shared template symbol.

Only users with the Administer all enterprises privilege can enable and manage shared templates. By default the only user with this privilege is the Cloud Admin.

Instances of virtual machines created with the shared template only belong to the enterprise that created them and are not automatically shared.

You cannot delete the shared template if there are any instances of the template, in your enterprise or other enterprises. 

You cannot make the shared template private if there are instances of the template in other enterprises.

If you make a shared template unavailable, when you refresh your Apps Library, it will be marked as unavailable in the Apps Library of all enterprises. In the time between when you make the template unavailable and when you refresh the Apps Library, users will not be able to deploy with the template, but it will not be marked as unavailable for users of other enterprises.

View Hard Disk Size Parameter

Hard Disk Size Parameter Disabled

The Hard Disk size parameter has been disabled to prevent problems caused by changing the size of the hard disk. From Abiquo 2.6, you can resize the system disk of a deployed virtual machine.

The Hard Disk size of the deployed virtual machine is determined by the physical size of the template disk after deployment, also called the provisioned size. However, the size is also recorded in the template's OVF description/definition. If these two sizes are not the same, deployment may fail with a message such as "is not a virtual disk". If you receive this type of error message, edit the Hard Disk in the OVF description and change it to match the physical size. See Determining the size of a Virtual Machine Disk File. for information on how to obtain the physical size.

Select and View a Cost Code for a Virtual Machine Template

If you have the Add a cost code in VM Template edition privilege, then you will be able to select a cost code for a VM template when editing the template. The cost code field only appears when editing, not when creating, the virtual machine template. Users without the privilege will not see the cost code field. The default value for the cost code field is "None". You can add a new cost code to the system in Pricing View, thus incorporating the template into a pricing model for an enterprise.

Generate Missing Conversions

When editing a template, click Show to open the Conversions page.

Click Generate missing conversions to launch conversions to new template formats if you have added any new hypervisor types after the initial conversion process ended. See V2V Conversion.

Abiquo will mark as Failed any template conversion disks that are missing in the NFS Repository. For example, if you delete a conversion disk from the filesystem.

Click Restart conversion to launch one of these conversions again.