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Abiquo 2.6

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User's Guide. 10. Other Views

The functions associated with the other dashboard icons are described in this section.


Click the Documentation icon to open the Abiquo documentation. The URL for this documentation is set in Configuration view on the Dashboard tab.

For help on a specific pop-up, click the info icon that appears in the top right-hand corner of the pop-up.


Click the Report icon to view reports. This icon will be shown if the user has permission to view reports and a URL is set in Configuration view on the General tab. You will see the report for your enterprise.


Click the Support icon to display the Abiquo Support contact information.

The default message is:

Designated Support Contacts can raise support tickets here.
If you are not a Designated Support Contact, please contact your organization's support personnel to obtain support for this product.
This message can be customized by editing the Support_Alert.txt file.

The word "here" is linked to support.abiquo.com.

The Support_Alert.txt file can be found in the /opt/abiquo/tomcat/webapps/client-premium/config directory.

Abiquo will first try to load the language file version of Support_Alert.txt for the current language. This file would be located at config/Support_Alert_'selectedLang'.txt, for example for Spanish/Spain, the file would be: Support_Alert_enES.txt.

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