Abiquo 2.6

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The Abiquo Amazon EC2 integration is a hybrid cloud feature that enables our customers to add Amazon Availability Zones to the Abiquo platform as compute resources. This feature is a first step towards developing agnostic public cloud management. Later we will offer connections with other clouds (vCloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, and so on.) You can offer a new service that is a federation of Abiquo private clouds and the public cloud. Cloud tenants will be able to deploy on Amazon or in Abiquo datacenters. You can control the use of Amazon resources in the same way as they can in the Abiquo Datacenter (quotas, limits, etc).

Amazon Regions are added as Abiquo public datacenters. No Abiquo licenses are required to use public datacenters. Abiquo manages public datacenters using three of the Abiquo Remote Services. The remotes services used in a public datacenter must not be shared with any other datacenters. No NFS repository is required for a public datacenter.  


Each Abiquo public datacenter corresponds to an Availability Zone within a single Region in Amazon EC2. Within the public datacenter, Abiquo will create a rack to organize Amazon resources. Each Abiquo enterprise using the Amazon datacenter should have its own Amazon account. Abiquo will create a machine for your enterprise when you add your Amazon credentials (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) to the Abiquo Enterprise. Each enterprise may create ONE machine for the enterprise's Amazon account.

When users create a virtual datacenter in the public datacenter, Abiquo works with Amazon EC2. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is created for each Abiquo virtual datacenter. An Amazon VPC has a  private subnet called a private connect network and an Internet gateway for the subnet. Access from outside the cloud is through Elastic IPs. Elastic IPs are registered in Abiquo as part of unmanaged networks.

Virtual machines deployed in the VPC virtual datacenter are Amazon Instances. They are automatically connected to the Private Connect network. You can assign Elastic IPs to these machines in Abiquo.