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Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo is a hypervisor-independent cloud solution that can manage multiple virtualization technologies. It is able to deploy virtual appliances to many different hypervisors, and manage them from a rich web interface. The following sections describe the template disk formats supported by the Abiquo platform, and the formats supported by the hypervisors Abiquo manages.

Supported Disk Format Types

Abiquo supports the disk format types. The URIs given in this table are used as identifiers for OVF import.

When Abiquo reads .ovf files, it identifies disk formats by the URIs given in the following table. The format specification URI is an OVF requirement. These URIs were taken from .ovf files exported from vendor products in these formats at the time the formats were introduced into the Abiquo product. However, over time vendors change their URIs and reference information. And if you generate OVF files using other means, these files may also contain different URIs. It is impossible for Abiquo to predict third-party URIs and changes to vendor URIs and it would be difficult to continually modify the Abiquo product to adapt to URI changes, so please check that the URIs in your OVF files match the URIs in this table to ensure that Abiquo will correctly detect the disk format type from the OVF.

Disk formatURI to identify disk format in AbiquoTechnical reference
(if URI is not a link to a
valid technical reference)
Template disk format in API

Disk From Device - Raw



VMDK Stream Optimized (info)


see Stream-Optimized p11

VMDK Fixed Disk


see Simple Extents p5

VMDK Sparse Disk


see Hosted Sparse Extents p6
/ESXi Host Sparse Extents on p9

VHD Fixed Disk


VHD specification Word file
see Fixed Hard Disk Image p3

VHD Sparse Disk


see Dynamic Hard Disk Image p3
VHDX Fixed Disk http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831446.aspx#monolithic_flat  VHDX_FLAT
VHDX Sparse Disk http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831446.aspx#monolithic_sparse  VHDX_SPARSE

VDI Fixed Disk



VDI Sparse Disk



QCOW2 Fixed Disk



QCOW2 Sparse Disk


AMI disk http://amiprotocol.sourceforge.net/ami-specif.html#1.9.2.user.xml  AMI

VMDK Stream Optimized

(info) The VMDK Stream Optimized format is a compressed format that is useful for distributing template disks. It is not directly supported by any hypervisor. If you upload a virtual disk file in this format, Abiquo will convert it to the most suitable disk format for your hypervisors.

Hypervisor Compatibility Table

The following table shows the different formats supported by the hypervisors. If you upload a template that is in one of these formats but is not supported to your hypervisor to the Appliance Library view, Abiquo will convert it to the most suitable format.

Format ___________



Hyper-V _



Disk from device






VMDK fixed disk


(tick) (star)


(tick) (star) 


VMDK sparse disk






VMDK stream optimized (tick) (with auto
conversion to sparse)

VHD fixed disk






VHD sparse disk



(tick) (star)


(tick) (star)

VHDX  (tick) (warning) (warning)   

VDI fixed disk






VDI sparse disk






QCOW2 fixed disk






QCOW2 sparse disk







(star) _ Hypervisor Default Format also called the "base format"

In the above table, (star) marks the Abiquo hypervisor default format. See Appliance Library Concepts#Virtual-to-Virtual Conversion.

No VHDX conversions in Abiquo 2.6

(warning) (warning) You can deploy VHDX templates but Abiquo DOES NOT CONVERT to VHDX format or from VHDX format.

Raw format for persistent virtual machine templates

The raw format is used for persistent virtual machines. Before creating a persistent virtual machine, Abiquo converts the template's disk to raw format and then dumps it to a volume on the selected storage.
(warning)   (warning) Persistent virtual machine templates cannot be created from VHDX templates because Abiquo does not convert from VDHX to raw.

ESX/ESXi Deployment Format

All virtual machines deployed on ESX/ESXi hypervisors will be in flat/fixed format with thin provisioning enabled.