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Abiquo 2.6

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The first time you log in to a new installation of Abiquo, you will see the Abiquo Wizard. You can use the wizard to perform all the steps you need to do in order to deploy a virtual machine.

Wizard for New Installations

The wizard is designed to be used before any physical or virtual infrastructure is added to the platform. If you use the wizard after using the platform, the results may be unexpected.

When you click on a section of the Abiquo wizard menu, it will detect if you have already completed the section and checkmark it with a tick.

Enabling or Disabling the Wizard

The Cloud Administrator can turn the wizard on or off in the Abiquo Configuration Properties popup.

  1. Click on the Configuration icon in the top menu to open Configuration view
  2. Click the checkbox labelled "Enable the Abiquo Wizard feature" to disable or enable the wizard.

Stopping Default Display of the Wizard in the Browser

Mark the "Do not show me this PopUp again" to stop the default display of the wizard. If you log in and cannot see the wizard as expected, it is possible that another user has marked this checkbox. 

Re-opening the Wizard with the Wizard Button 

If the wizard is enabled, the wizard button will display in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can reopen the wizard at any time by clicking the wizard button.  

Controlling Wizard Content

The wizard will appear for ALL Abiquo users until it is disabled or display is turned off. The content of the wizard is automatically controlled by Abiquo user privileges. Users can only view wizard content corresponding to Abiquo functionality that they can access. Privileges in Abiquo are fine grained, so they are highly customizable. Wizard content depends on privileges, not roles. However, to give a simple example, in Abiquo, there are three pre-defined user roles with their own privileges. These pre-defined roles are:

  • USER

The wizard appears as follows for users with these roles assigned.




Customizing the Wizard

The Abiquo wizard can be customized. You can change the text that will display on the screen in the same way as you can customize or internationalize other GUI text.

See Abiquo GUI Localization for more information.

The wizard text is found in the Configuration.properties file and it is labelled with #WIZARD SECTIONS