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This section includes additional help in troubleshooting problems with Abiquo Reports

Exporting PDFs of Drilldown Reports

In Abiquo 2.6 Reports with Jasperserver 5.5, you may experience problems exporting PDFs of any drilldown reports. You may receive the following error:

org.springframework.security.AccessDeniedException: Access is denied

You can work around this error by changing the folder permissions on the 'Drilldown Reports' folder in JasperServer from 'Execute only' to 'Read only'.

This will need to be done using a JasperServer user role with the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR role (e.g. the ‘jasperadmin’ user):

  1. Login to the JasperServer UI using an appropriate administrator account (e.g. jasperadmin)
  2. Open the ‘abiquo Reports’ folder
  3. Right-click the ‘Drilldown Reports’ folder, and select ‘Permissions...’
  4. In the list control for the ROLE_USER role, change the value from ‘Execute Only’ to ‘Read Only’
  5. Click OK to accept the change.

Note that when you make this workaround, the ‘Drilldown Reports’ folder will become visible to all reports users (it is hidden by default).

Date Formats

In Abiquo Reporting, enter dates in the format:



The JasperReports Server is hosted by Tomcat, so it logs its output to catalina.out. The default log location will be a jasperreports folder under the opt folder, for example:


Configuration Problems

The following problems may be related to configuration.

No login page

If the JasperServer login page does not appear, check that the authentication plugin is correctly configured.

No reports running

If none of the reports are running, check that the Data Source is configured correctly. Check the Database URL and the user credentials. Use the 'Test Connection' button to verify. Check that you have granted sufficient database privileges to the database user defined in the above Data Source (SELECT privileges for all kinton tables).

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