Abiquo 2.6

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The Enterprise Concept and Multitenancy

The Abiquo platform is designed to offer an IaaS cloud service to multiple tenants, grouped in Abiquo Enterprises. In a public cloud these may be different firms or organization. In an enterprise cloud, they may be departments, for example.

In Abiquo the different components of the platform are isolated for each enterprise, ensuring that the resources allocated by an enterprise will not affect other enterprises' allocated resources, and that each enterprise will be free to manage its own resource cloud.

The following components are isolated at enterprise level:

  • Virtual datacenters
  • Virtual appliances
  • Appliance library
  • Hard and soft limits
  • Events

The Users view allows the cloud and enterprise administrators to manage the users of Abiquo and their enterprises. User access to the system is controlled by a system of roles, scopes and privileges, which are also managed from the Users view.

Click the Users icon at the top of the screen to access Users view.

If the system is configured to allow users to edit their own user details, click your Username in the top right corner of all views to edit your details. This option can be set in Configuration View.

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