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Abiquo 2.6

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Cloud administrators manage the physical infrastructure (including machines, storage and networks) from the Infrastructure view. In Abiquo, infrastructure is represented at the highest level as a set of datacenters. To view and manage datacenters, click the Infrastructure view button   at the top of the main screen. You will need the Access Infrastructure view privilege.

Datacenters List

All of the datacenters registered in your Abiquo platform are shown in the datacenters list on the left-hand side of the initial Infrastructure view.

You can filter datacenters by typing text in the filter box at the top of the datacenters list. 

By default, you will see all Datacenters. To return to this view after selecting a datacenter from the list, click All at the top of the list.

Datacenters with errors in their remote services are shown with an   error symbol beside them.


View and Modify Datacenter Resources

To open a datacenter to view and edit its servers, network, storage and allocation rules, hold the mouse over the datacenter name in the list, then click on the arrow button that appears beside the datacenter name.


Allow Enterprises to Use the Datacenter

Enterprises must be configured to be allowed to use a datacenter. This configuration is done in Users View, by editing the Enterprise, and configuring the Datacenters tab.

See Manage Enterprises

View Datacenter Details

Users with permission to View datacenter details can view the Infrastructure screen, including the Datacenters list and the Map.


View Resource Usage

If you have the Display resource usage panel privilege, a  resource usage panel is displayed over the datacenter map pane. Initially, the resource usage panel is shown in compact view without graphics.

The resource usage panel can also be minimized or maximized (with graphics) using the controls in the top-right corner of this panel.

For a description of the statistics displayed on the resource usage panel, see Infrastructure Statistics


Screenshot: Minimized Resource Usage panel

Screenshot: Maximized Resource Usage panel

View Global Resource Usage

By default, the global resource usage for the whole platform is shown. This is indicated on the Resource Usage panel header with a global symbol.

View Datacenter Resource Usage

To view the resource usage of a datacenter in the right pane, click on a datacenter name in the Datacenters list in the left pane.

Screenshot: Maximized view of Resource Usage for Barcelona Datacenter

Datacenter Location Map

In Infrastructure view, if your Abiquo Server has an Internet connection, a datacenters map is displayed.

Moving Around the Map

Zoom in and out using the zoom slider or + and - controls on the right-hand-side of the screen. Move across the map using the arrow controls or the mouse, for example, clicking and dragging to the area of the map that interests you.

Plotting Datacenters on the Map

When you create datacenters, Abiquo can plot them on the map. If you move the mouse over a datacenter point on the map, Abiquo will display a bubble with its name and location.  If you click on a datacenter name in the datacenters list, Abiquo will center the map on that datacenter.  If your datacenters are not plotted on the map, see  How to Obtain and Install a Google Maps API Key .

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