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Abiquo 2.6

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Public Networks allow the users of virtual datacenters to use Internet addressable public IP addresses in their virtual infrastructure. These networks are not assigned to any specific enterprise in Abiquo and they cannot be the default network for a virtual datacenter.

Private networks are displayed on the Private page of the Networks tab.

Private networks are usually managed by enterprise administrators for their own virtual datacenters, so from the Infrastructure view the cloud administrator can only view network use. On the left of the Private network screen, an expanding tree provides network information ordered hierarchically by enterprise and virtual datacenter. The search box will filter the expanding tree by enterprise. When you click a private network in the expanding tree, the right pane shows the list of network IP addresses.

The default VLAN for a virtual datacenter may be either the auto-created private VLAN, named default_network, or another private VLAN, shown in bold, or an external VLAN. External VLANs are managed on the External tab and assigned to an enterprise's datacenters or virtual datacenters. You can override the default private network for a virtual datacenter in Virtual Datacenters view. The network details are shown in the right lower pane.

The PRIVATE IPs pane contains the detail of each of the IPs of the selected internal VLAN. Click on the header of a column to sort by that column, use the Search button to filter the results and navigate through the pages with the page scroll.