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Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo defines a datacenter as a set of IT resources (servers, networking and external storage) in the same physical location (on the same local area network). This hardware will be the backend infrastructure for providing the cloud of compute, storage and network as a service.

Cloud administrators can use Abiquo to manage multiple datacenters so users can deploy their virtual appliances in different physical locations.


Abiquo Manages Datacenters with Remote Services 

Remotes Services are applications that perform operations for the Abiquo Server and API. For example, when you create a volume of external storage, the Abiquo Server uses the Storage Manager remote service to communicate with the storage device.

Abiquo requires a separate set of Remote Services for each Abiquo datacenter. Abiquo public datacenters are managed using three Abiquo remote services.

Apps Library for Datacenters

Abiquo creates self-service for users of Abiquo standard datacenters through the Apps Library, which contains virtual machine templates that are ready to deploy. The Apps Library is based on an NFS Repository and so Abiquo requires one NFS Repository for each Abiquo datacenter. 

For Amazon public datacenters, Amazon templates are used, so no NFS Repository is required.

API Documentation

For the Abiquo API documentation of this feature, see Abiquo API Resources and the page for this resource RemoteServiceResource.

Remote Services

Abiquo uses remote services to manage datacenters. Each datacenter requires its own separate set of remote services. Public datacenters require only three remote services and datacenters require a full set of remote services (optional DHCP). Set a unique datacenter ID for the datacenter in the Abiquo Configuration Properties of the datacenter's Remote Services server.

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