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To follow this section, you should understand the basics of Abiquo Virtual Machine Templates and Instances. This document describes the Abiquo Appliance Library that enables cloud owners to offer users virtual machine templates for self-service deployment. Cloud users can deploy virtual machines by simply dragging and dropping VM templates.


View the Apps Library

The Appliance Library view is where you will manage the virtual machine templates to be used on the cloud infrastructure. This view is contextualized by the selected datacenter or public cloud region, which means that you will see the virtual machine templates available to your enterprise in your datacenter or public cloud region. Click the Apps Library button  at the top of the screen to access the Apps Library. 



The Apps Library view differs slightly depending on whether you are using a standard Abiquo datacenter or a public cloud region. However, the main concepts are still the same. An enterprise Apps Library is created for each datacenter or public cloud region. This section describes the Apps Library feature for datacenters and public cloud regions, with two separate datacenter pages and some page sections to cover the different functionality.


API Feature

This feature is available in the API. For datacenters, see DatacenterRepositoryResource. For datacenters and public cloud regions, see ApplianceLibraryResources.

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