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In Abiquo 3.0, there are changes to the licensing of Abiquo Hypervisor and Public Cloud plugins.

Before upgrading from Abiquo 2.6 to Abiquo 3.0, request new licenses from your Abiquo represenative.

Abiquo licenses will continue to contain a limit to the number of cores under management. From Abiquo 3.0 they will also contain a whitelist of the "plugins" (hypervisor and public cloud plugins) that can be used. Existing licenses will permit all plugins to be used.

New licenses will require hypervisor and public cloud plugins to be explicitly enabled. This feature will enable third parties who write plugins to create commercial relationships with Abiquo customers. Third parties will need to work with Abiquo to create an appropriate license for their plugin.

Abiquo customers should keep a careful record of their licenses and the functionality and cores supported by each license. In future releases, Abiquo will add a Description column to the license table that will provide this information.

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