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Introduction to password security improvements

Abiquo 3.0 has improved password security.

Existing passwords will be automatically updated to the new format when users log in to Abiquo 3.0 for the first time.

Password properties

As part of this improvement, there are two new properties to control login attempts: abiquo.api.login.failurelapse and abiquo.api.login.maxtries.

The login failurelapse is the period of time in seconds in which the user can try to login up to the maximum login failures. 

After the user has reached the maximum retries in a lapse, for each further attempt, the lapse is reset and they must wait for the lapse period until they can try again.

Here is an example where the properties have the default values where the lapse is 60 seconds and the maximum login failures are three. If a user fails in their third attempt to log in at 12:00:00, and then try a fourth login at 12:00:59 and the login fails, the user will have to wait another 60 seconds (until 12:01:59) to try again.


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