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Abiquo 3.0 introduces a new API architecture for the public cloud, which includes support for public cloud regions and hardware profiles. Abiquo will use a location resource to represent a datacenter or a public cloud region that can be accessed by an enterprise.

Details of public cloud regions are imported into the regions resource using the Abiquo API. A region stores the hardware profiles available in that public cloud region.
Each enterprise has a series of locations. The location resource provides access to a datacenter or public cloud region that an enterprise is allowed to use, together with the hardware profiles available. A sequential location ID is assigned to each location this ID is independent of the datacenter or public cloud region number.

This new generic public cloud architecture will form the basis for the extension of the Abiquo datacenter and public cloud region functionality. The location resource enables a user to access part of the infrastructure and provide a link to a datacenter or public cloud region without the need for the user to have infrastructure privileges.

Amazon does not allow API access to the hardware profile definitions, so these will be manually loaded by Abiquo prior to the release of version 3.0 and updated in each version of the platform.

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