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Abiquo 3.0 has a new HTML5 UI that replaces the Flash UI.  Abiquo has migrated the existing UI functionality to HTML5 and added some usability improvements. Subsequent releases will bring further UI improvements built on this technology. You must upgrade to the new UI and update branding as part of your upgrade to Abiquo 3.0. A new branding procedure will be supplied for Abiquo 3.0.

The new UI client requires full access to the Abqiuo API, so users will require access to both the Abiquo UI and the Abiquo API servers.

Branding is now enabled by default. See Abiquo Branding Guide

Usability improvements have focused on streamlining workflow. For example;

  • deploy a single virtual machine (or a virtual appliance as always)
  • switch directly from the internal view of one VApp to another
    Within the virtual appliance, the V. Appliances lists shows all the virtual appliances from all your virtual datacenters. In the following screenshot there are 2.
  • fewer steps, for example, there is no need to explicitly save a VApp
    In the following screenshot, from left to right, (1) the VApp save button has been removed so on the left there are only the layers and instance buttons. (2) From with the Virtual Appliances details screen, you can click this button or use the arrow on the far left to return to the VDC. (3) Besides the default view, there is a new VM list view. The old node connector view has been removed.

  • buttons are more context sensitive

See Cloud Platform User Manual for full details of how cloud users can use the new interface and the User Guide to the Abiquo GUI for a complete guide for users and administrators.

We have worked hard to retain all the best points of the Flash UI while taking advantage of the new HTML5 technology.

The new UI is more robust. It is more flexible and offers greater opportunities for customization. See Configure Abiquo UI

All of the UI labels are now in one file to facilitate localization. See Abiquo GUI Client Language Configuration

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