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Load Balancer Health State Resource

Main URI of the Resource

This class operates mainly over the Resource URI: /cloud/locations/{location}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancer}/healthstates

List the HealthCheck state of all the VirtualMachines registered in the LoadBalancer

SYNOPSIS : GET /cloud/locations/{location}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancer}/healthstates
Request headers: Accept: application/vnd.abiquo.healthstates
Request parameters:

curl --verbose -XGET http://admin:xabiquo@


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  "collection": [
      "outOfService": true,
      "virtualMachineUuid": "ABQ_71726514-daf6-42d3-ab62-3d2739556b8d",
      "links": [
          "href": "",
          "type": "application/vnd.abiquo.loadbalancer+json",
          "rel": "loadbalancer",
          "title": "a"
          "href": "",
          "type": "application/vnd.abiquo.virtualmachine+json",
          "rel": "self",
          "title": "ABQ_71726514-daf6-42d3-ab62-3d2739556b8d"
  "links": []


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