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The administrator can now recommend hardware profiles for templates deployed in public cloud. Information provided by AWS is used to predefine the recommended profiles for this provider. When the user creates a virtual machine, they can see the recommended profiles.

Administrators can guide users to the most effective combinations of hardware profile for each template.

To recommend hardware profiles, edit templates in the Apps Library template cache and select recommended hardware profiles for each template.

This feature is independent of the feature that enables you to Control Hardware Profiles in the Public Cloud using Abiquo Configuration Properties

For AWS, Abiquo has defined some suggested profiles based on information supplied by AWS in the following table, which was loaded into Abiquo at the time this feature was developed:

The predefined profiles to be shown as recommended can be selected (or for AWS, edited) by the administrator.

When a user deploys a virtual machine they can select from the pulldown list of hardware profiles which will now also highlight recommended profiles with “(Recommended)”.


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