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In Abiquo 3.1, with the Abiquo Workflow feature you can now enable or disable workflow for each cloud tenant on your platform.

You can edit an enterprise via the API to enable workflow. As in previous versions of Abiquo, the system workflow endpoint will still be the same for all enterprises.

This improvement means that workflow can be enabled for selected enterprises and disabled for others.

In Abiquo 3.1, the workflow per cloud tenant feature is only available via the API.

Changes to the workflow feature in Abiquo 3.1 

The core workflow feature remains unchanged - see Abiquo Workflow Integration

But two new timeout properties have been added. 

These properties are:
  • workflow.connect.timeout
  • workflow.read.timeout

See Abiquo Configuration Properties

Upgrading to Abiquo 3.1

If the workflow feature is enabled when you upgrade, the feature will be enabled for all enterprises.

If it is not enabled when you upgrade, workflow will not be enabled for any enterprises.

Use the API to set workflow per enterprise

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