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Abiquo API Changes

Abiquo is committed to maintaining backwards compatibility for 2 minor releases. If for some reason, backwards compatibility were not possible to maintain, Abiquo would detail the changes in the API Changelog. For example, Abiquo 3.6 should be compatible with 3.4 and 3.2. The best practice to ensure compatibility is to use the version number in the header of your API request with the media type and content type.

For major versions such as 3.0, Abiquo will make a best effort to maintain compatibility with at least the previous version, in the case of 3.0 this would be 2.6. Abiquo will provide details of any changes in the API Changelog. 

Abiquo API 3.10 Changelog

The Abiquo 3.10 API includes support for all of the new Abiquo 3.10 features. Changes to the API are as follows.

Pricing improvements

Pricing is now per datacenter and controlled with scopes.

Changes to media types:

Note link to Scope and new Abiquo Data Media Types#PricingAbstractDatacenterMediaType

Changes to Resources:

  • PricingTemplateResource 
  • the CostCodeCurrencyResource was deleted and replaced with a link to each currency in the cost code.

Virtual machine action plans and task schedules

New media types:

Changes to resources:

Compatible datastore tiers

There is a new method in the Locations resource to determine the set of datastore tiers that are compatible with the given datastore tier(s). If you supply more than one tier, the tiers returned are the ones that are compatible with all of the supplied tiers.

See LocationsResource


Abiquo API 3.10.1 Changelog

Changes to the API in Abiquo 3.10.1

New host metrics method:

New virtual machine methods to relocate a virtual machine to another compatible host via API. Requires new privilege ROLE_VM_RELOCATE

New resource to request on demand backup including the replication option or not. See BackupResource.

  • New mediatype "ondemandbackup"

Abiquo API 3.10.6 Changelog

Changes to the API in Abiquo 3.10.6

New resources for Datastore Load Level Rules:


Change to Allocation rules to add datastore load rules in the scheduler entities section: Abiquo Data Media Types#SchedulerEntities



To create a storage load rule for a datacenter, tier or datastore, you must always send a link to the relevant entity.


Abiquo API 3.10.7 changelog

Changes to the API in Abiquo 3.10.7