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Administrator's Guide

This guide has been written to help System Administrators understand all the system characteristics and configuration details required to install and manage the Abiquo Platform.
It is also highly recommended that the User's Guide is read alongside this document to help you understand the concepts of the IaaS offered by this our Platform.

  • Abiquo 3.10 PrerequisitesWhen planning an Abiquo installation, first check the prerequisites listed in this section. Then you must install the essential base configuration described here before you install the Abiquo platform servers.
  • Installing Abiquo
  • Configuring Abiquo
  • Upgrade
  • Cloud NodeThis section describes how to install and configure cloud nodes for use in Abiquo. If you are integrating existing hypervisors, please check this section to ensure they are compatible and properly configured.
  • Storage ServersAbiquo Enterprise can manage multiple storage systems to provide users with virtual storage on demand. This section describes the configuration of compatible storage systems
  • Network VirtualizationThis section describes the implementation details and configuration of network virtualization integrations to offer SDN features.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Abiquo HOWTOs