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Abiquo 3.10 introduces the following changes to accounting and billing

  • Billing per datacenter using different resource prices per datacenter
  • Accounting and billing using pricing for:
    • Firewalls and loadbalancers
    • Datastore tiers
    • vCPU when the VM is ON
    • vCPU when the VM is OFF
    • Memory when the VM is ON
    • Memory when the VM is OFF
  • Resource conumption and cost report now uses pricing per datacenter.

Fix for known issue 9134 in Abiquo 3.10.0 Accounting

We have recently found an issue that affects the new accounting feature with CPU_ON/OFF and RAM_ON/OFF only, and we have included a fix in the next version (3.10.2), which will be available soon. However, if you would like to upgrade to Abiquo 3.10 prior to the release of the next version and you plan to use VM ON/OFF accounting, please contact Abiquo Support.

Changes to Abiquo Accounting

See Abiquo Accounting Services Integration

Add new accounting parameters with support for:

  • VirtualMachine-vcpuon

  • VirtualMachine-vcpuoff

  • VirtualMachine-vramon

  • VirtualMachine-vramoff

  • Firewall

  • LoadBalancer

  • VirtualMachine-backup

Changes to Abiquo Billing Integration

See Abiquo Billing Integration User Guide and CSV Billing Integration

Core billing

Abiquo 3.10 introduces billing per datacenter based on pricing per datacenter. To use billing per datacenter, set the dc_grouping option to true.

Abiquo 3.10 introduces the following new billing usage charges:

  • cpu_on_usage
  • cpu_off_usage
  • memory_on_usage
  • memory_off_usage
  • firewall_usage
  • loadbalancer_usage
  • local_tier_storage_usage with tier name as local_tier_storage_X

CSV connector

In Abiquo 3.10, pricing per datacenter was added to the main product. To bill per datacenter for CSV format, set the following property to true:

  • datacenter

The following new usage options were added in Abiquo 3.10

  • cpu_on
  • cpu_off
  • mem_on
  • mem_off
  • firewall
  • loadbalancer
  • local_tier_storage_usage with storage tier names as local_tier_storage_X

Changes to Reporting

See Resource Consumption and Cost Report

Resource Consumption and Cost Report

In Abiquo 3.10+ this report now uses pricing per datacenter from the enterprise pricing model.

We will update the documentation for this report shortly  


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