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The following changes have been made in the user interface in Abiquo 3.10

Changes to visibility of elements

  • Hide links in footer for About and Support using properties in client-config-custom.json
  • Add new privileges to control display and use of features
    • Apps library
      • Download VM templates from remote repository
    • Username menu
      • Manage provider credentials for public cloud providers for enterprise administrators
      • Manage user applications for API client applications for user accounts
    • Virtual machine default credentials privileges button
      • Retrieve default VM credentials

Changes to Virtual appliances view

  1. The "Back to virtual datacenter" button has been replaced with a link in a shaded zone
  2. Tabs at the highest level are now: Virtual machines, Monitoring, and Control
    1. The virtual machines tab now contains only Icons and List views
    2. Within the Control tab, there are new Action plans and Task Schedules (that will become the Triggers tab in 4.0)

Changes within virtual appliances

  1. Virtual appliance pricing: the virtual appliance pricing estimate button offers instant pricing data on the fully deployed virtual appliance at that time
  2. Default credentials: if the user has the appropriate privilege, they can click the virtual machine default credentials button to retrieve the default VM credentials from the VM template

Changes to Edit VMs

  1. The bootstrap script tab is now always available in private cloud
  2. Enter a cloud-init compatible script to use with cloud-init templates
  3. The VM Variables tab are now always available in private cloud for supported hypervisors, also for use with cloud-init


Changes to Apps library view

  • Shared template checkbox is deprecated
  • New template scopes tab for sharing templates, requires user logged in to template's enterprise and "Allow user to switch enterprises" privilege
  • Only users with privilege can download VM templates
  • Improved cancel button when uploading OVA files

In Abiquo 3.10.5, Abiquo added the "Fully qualified domain name" (FQDN) field to the Edit virtual machine dialog. The user can edit this field before the virtual machine is deployed.  

Abiquo will use cloud init (configuration drive) or guest customizations to set the FQDN in the virtual machine.

Abiquo will display the Fully qualified domain name in the virtual machine details, for example, on the VM control panel.

Abiquo 3.10.7 adds the following changes to the user interface:

  • Infrastructure view
    • Excluded networks tab under Networks
    • Screens for managing excluded networks
    • Allocatiion rules: Compute load level rules for clusters and group aggregation
  • User field to store phone number. The platform does not validate this field
  • Role field to store corresponding external roles from AD systems (OpenID, LDAP). This field replaces the LDAP role field.
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