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The generic OpenStack plugin, which supports public or private OpenStack clouds, now supports OpenStack Neutron to manage networking. 

This means that the OpenStack plugin now offers the following features in Abiquo:

  • Create networks in VDCs and assign IPs to VMs
  • Obtain Public IPs to assign to VMs
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • Click on the eye icon to open a remote access console to the VM

The administrator can configure the OpenStack Neutron properties in the same way as when using the Abiquo OpenStack Neutron in private cloud. See Abiquo Configuration Properties#neutron

As in other public cloud regions, Abiquo automatically configures the network infrastructure, which is not available in the Abiquo UI. Thus Abiquo automatically defines the OpenStack Neutron system for all enterprises using the public cloud region.

Users can onboard and update network elements created with OpenStack Neutron using the Abiquo synchronize feature.

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