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Action plans and Task schedules


To enable cloud users more control over cloud operations, Abiquo v3.10 introduces virtual machine action plans to schedule tasks for virtual machines (and Docker workloads). Virtual machine action plans are for both private and public cloud and are an important step towards the introduction of autoscaling on the platform. Each virtual machine can have zero or more action plans.

In the user interface, in the new Virtual appliances view on the Control tab, users can manage Action plans and Task schedules.


Create an Action Plan

Before you create an action plan, first create a virtual machine.

To create an action plan:

  1. Open the Control tab of the virtual appliance and click the + button 
  2. Enter the action plan details
  3. Add actions
    1. To add an action, click the + button
    2. Select the action type from the pulldown list
    3. Enter parameters as required
  • Put the actions in order using the arrow buttons
  • Delete actions as required using the trash can button


  • The order of actions is important
  • Abiquo constraints apply, for example, to create an instance, the VM must be deployed and powered off. 
  • Hypervisor constraints apply, for example, when using hot reconfigure on ESXi, you cannot decrement CPU or RAM 
  • For some actions you must enter parameters




Virtual machine

The name of the virtual machine


The name of the action plan

DescriptionA description of the action plan

See Actions table

Action parameters

See Action parameters table

Actions table

ActionVM state usually required to start operationVM state on success
Power onOFFON
Power offONOFF
ShutdownON with VM tools installed or hypervisor supportOFF
Increase CPUOFF or ON if ESXi with hot reconfigureUnchanged
Decrease CPUOFFUnchanged
Increase RAMOFF or ON if ESXi with hot reconfigureUnchanged
Decrease RAMOFFUnchanged
Send emailAnyUnchanged


Action parameters table

Increase CPUvCPUsAdd this number of CPUs to the VM.
Decrease CPUvCPUsRemove this number of CPUs from the VM. May not be supported by hot-reconfigure. Check OS compatibility
Increase RAMRAM in MBAdd this amount of RAM to the VM.
Decrease RAMRAM in MBRemove this amount of RAM from the VM. May not be supported by hot-reconfigure. Check OS compatibility
InstanceName for Instance (clone) template. Abiquo will append the date to the name supplied
Send email
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Emails (email addresses)
  • EmailsCc (copy to these addresses)

Run an action plan now

When you have added some actions and saved the action plan, you can run the action plan immediately.

To do this, edit the action plan and click the Execute action plan button, which is beside the + add button to create a new action. 

This can help you to test the action plan before you create a schedule to run it automatically.

Abiquo will create events when actions are performed.

Create a Task Schedule

To run your action plan automatically, create a task schedule, for either an interval (within an optional timeframe) or using a calendar with Cron.

To create a task schedule go to the Task schedules tab at either the Control tab level, or the Action plan level.




Virtual machine

The name of the virtual machine

Action plan

The name of the action plan

  • Interval: run at intervals of a fixed number of seconds within a set timeframe
  • Advanced schedule: run as specified using a Cron schedule
  • Interval seconds: enter the number of seconds from when the action plan excution starts to when it will start again
  • Start time: enter the start date and time
  • End time: enter the end date and time
Advanced schedule
  • Set a schedule using Cron

Modify or delete a schedule

If you modify or delete a schedule, Abiquo will update any action plan that is currently run on the schedule.

For convenience, the main Task schedules tab displays all schedules.

Delete an action plan

If you delete an action plan, Abiquo will also delete the schedule associated with that action plan. 

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